Sunday, 25 September 2011

Rihanna wears offensive and naughty piece of jewelry to church and her dressing was inappriopriate too!

Rihanna in Church with C word necklace
Rihanna is making headline news again - for wearing a necklace with a naughty and offensive word on it starting with c… when she visited a church and trust me this word isn’t Christ! This incident happened on Friday when the R&B singer visited the Christ the Redeemer church in Rio de Janeiro.

My mind sort of lingers on this topic, first I am happy that Rihanna at least goes to church, Jesus himself said the church is not only for the righteous and we know God loves all of us sinners.

However I also feel , the necklace which rhymes with the word hunt taking the H off and replacing with a C is kind of slapping God in the face, her choice of clothing was abit inappropriate and disrespectful( she wore a pair of cut-off shorts and a yellow button-up shirt with a very low-cut neck ).

So what do you think of her necklace –is it offensive, harmless and does it matter how people dress to church?
This is the outfit Rihanna wore to church

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Julie said...

i don't really care how people choose to dress or accessorize BUT when it comes to a church a low cut blouse in a church. (not even going to mention the necklace)