Thursday, 9 January 2014

Nigerian Minister in Hot Water For “Sexing” Up Her Credentials

Under-Fire Stella Oduah Nigerian Minister of Civil Aviation
Nigerian Minister of Civil Aviation – Stella Oduah – is in a spot of bother after it emerged that she “sexed” up her educational credentials to include a phantom degree she supposedly obtained from St. Paul’s College in the United States.

In what now appears to be a damage-limitation move,  all references to said University have gone from her Wikipedia, Facebook , personal web pages and even the official ministerial site.
One sources goes as far as stating the precise time (14:41 p.m. Nigerian time) her Wikipedia was lastly edited.

In all fairness Ms. Stella Oduah is yet to publicly respond to any of these allegations.

What do you think, Is it ever acceptable to spice up your CV in order to get a job?

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