Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Mr malaria

It is alleged mosquitoes are getting extinct in some parts of Africa. This will be the only insect that the Africans are definitely not going to miss.

These little creatures have killed thousands of people through its infectious disease malaria. It is not known as to why mosquitoes are disappearing; Anti mosquito bed nets might have done the trick. 

We would all be pleased with a world free of mosquitoes. They won’t be missed like our BYE! BYE! And do not come back!!!!!!!!!

NB: We know how clever mosquitoes can be sometimes, they might return. 
For now we are winning the war against mosquitoes, let us celebrate.
We can come out of our mosquito nets for now. hurray!

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rbeez said...

Mosquitoes will never be extinct, they will return in their numbers