Wednesday, 31 August 2011


We can now confirm that D’banj has been signed by Kanye West’s music label G.O.O.D Music. 

D’banj first hinted about the signing back in June via his twitter account (@iamdbanj ), when he tweeted “ just like yesterday, myself and my brother did tongolo, 7 years later Mo’Hits signs with G.O.O.D MUSIC. Best birthday gift ever God thank u”

But at the time many were not convinced. Some cynics even said it was just a publicity stunt.

The announcement was confirmed yesterday in London on the Mo’Hits stage by Kanye west himself. D’banj was obviously elated, as he took a bow and hugged Kanye West when he confirmed the news. 

Dbanj (31) is a Nigerian musician who shot to fame with hits like:

  • Fall in love
  • Mr endowed (feat Snoop Dogg)
  • Oliver twist (trending at the moment) and many more

With this signing we can predict that D’banj is now set to achieve even greater things on the world’s musical stage.
Video of kanye West and D'banj with Mo'Hits Crew

We wish him the best of luck.


Chinde said...

This is good news. Congratulations D'banj.This will prove all doubting Thomases wrong

Anonymous said...

Wow!Things are beginning to happen in Africa.Congrats D'banj