Saturday, 3 September 2011


Rihanna wearing feathers of an ostrictch bird

Rihanna has been criticized several times by animal rights activist PETA for her choice of outfits.

She recently wore a turquoise feathered top with feathers of ostrich birds. Animal rights activist did not approve of Rihanna’s attire as it meant the birds might have been treated with cruelty when the feathers were plucked off their skin.

Apart from Rihanna, celebrities like Kanye West, Amber Rose, Mary J Blige, Genevieve Nnaji,Kelis and many more have been seen wearing animal skin (Fur).
our babe Genevieve Nnaji has got more than one in her wardrobe

Kanye and Amber Rose
oops! not another animal skin

Kelis wears it all over, even on the head


Marine2111 said...

I have just watch the video, Oh myyyyyyyyy God, i will never wear Fur again.

Anonymous said...

We kill dogs, cows, chickens,goats before we eat them. what is the fuss!

Rbeez said...

It is very difficult to watch the video. cruel!

Anonymous said...

They should also start cotton activist. lol