Monday, 5 September 2011


Lonzo Nzekwe's first ever movie “Anchor Baby" was premiered at the London Place Odoen Cinema last Tuesday 30th of August 2011.

In attendance were:

•The man himself - Lonzo Nzekwe -who cumulated the roles of Director, Scriptwriter & producer. He shared his experiences while making the movies and also answered questions after the screening. 

•Sam Sarpong - lead actor who played Paul Unanga in the movie

•Julius Agwu

•Another A-lister who graced the occasion with her presence was Monalisa Chinda

Monalisa looked a million dollars in her stunning maxi dress.

“Anchor Baby” tells the story of Paul Unanga  (played by Sam Sarpong)  and his wife Joyce (played by Omoni), who get caught up the illegal immigrant status trap while living in the United States of America. To make matters worse Joyce is 5 months pregnant. 

The plot thickens when the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the States launch a crackdown to track and deport Illegals.

This couple find themselves between a rock and a hard place; go home after 2 years in the US of A with nothing to show for (with all the implications) or stay and be caught by the ICE (with certain deportation).

While Joyce (Omoni Oboli) will love to return home immediately, Paul (Sam Sarpong) has other ideas. To find out how this story develops, UK audiences should check out the following venues: 

Odeon Greenwich, 
Lee Valley, 
Streatham, Surrey Quays and 
Manchester Printworks from Friday,

 “Anchor Baby” has  opened for public viewing since 2nd of September.


Mirabel said...

Wow, she looks stunning!

Pamela419 said...

Maxi Dress looks awesome on her..