Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Ne-Yo is set to be a father again - and he's engaged, too!

Ne-yo’s long term girl friend is pregnant with their second child.
The R n B singer confirmed the news to us weekly magazine, Ne-yo also shared that he has asked - the all important question “will you marry me” to his Atlanta boutique owner girl friend Monyetta Shaw.

The closer singer has not revealed the date for his nuptials but excited about the prospect of adding to his family.

Ne-yo - real name Shaffer Chimere Smith, welcomed his first child, a daughter named Madilyn Grace Smith in Nov 2010. Neyo was ecstatically happy when Madilyn was born “She’s healthy and happy,” he tweeted. “Feels like I’m in luv for the first time.”
“Welcoming that lil’ girl to the world last night defined for me what ‘willing to kill and die for’ truly means. My world, my life, all hers.”

Congrats Man!


Lisa111 said...

Really? I always thought he was gay. Anyway, good for him! I’m glad he’s marrying the mother of his child(ren)

Milangcoco said...

HA! They didn’t waste any time. I love it when people get pregnant right after giving birth :D It’s cool. At least the children will be close in age. I’m probably doing this… day

Rbeez said...

Guurl, so he left Trayvonda for Monyetta? Wait till Traquisha find out about this.