Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Oprah Winfrey blamed for suicide!

In a bizarre story, Oprah Winfrey is being blamed for the suicide of a 49 year old man.

According to the Man’s son - Steven Donoghue - what pushed his dad over the edge was Oprah’s refusal to buy his house.

The Massachusetts man - Richard Donoghue - was dead broke and put his house up for sale. Coincidentally Oprah was looking for a property to buy and refurbished for one of her show’s guests - Monica Jorge. The unfortunate Monica Jorge had lost both her arms and legs due to a bacteria infection.

When the deal to buy Richard Donoghue’s house fell through, that pushed him over the edge and he hanged himself according to his son.

Steven Donoghue claims his dad mentions Oprah by name in his suicide note (which his widow is keeping). He is absolutely convinced Oprah Winfrey has a hand in his dad’s demise.

Wonders shall never end!

Do you think Oprah Winfrey is to blame for the man’s suicide?


karenmm said...

Why should she be blamed? she has a right not to buy a product if she is not happy with it.

Anonymous said...

First of all this story should have never been put out...the SICK writer never got the permission to quote Steven on this,and the detective or person whom leaked our families tragic happeneing ,will pay for this..This is only the tip of the iceburg for both of