Monday, 5 September 2011

Robert Mugabe, to die in 2 Years Time?

President Mugabe of Zimbabwe

According to secret documents published by *Wikileaks, President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe was diagnosed with prostate cancer back in 2008 and has just until 2013 to live!

Details of the dictator’s illness were contained in a Top Secret correspondence between the US Ambassador to Zimbabwe & his government. In the correspondence, the US ambassador claims to have been reliably informed about the president’s condition by one of his right hand man – Gideon Gono – governor of Zimbabwe’s Central bank.

Since the revelations surfaced Mr. Gono has strongly denied the allegations, saying he would not dare talk about the president’s health.

Mr Mugabe has made several trips to Singapore it is claimed, to treat himself. 
The president looks very frail these days when he appears in public. This can not be taken to mean he is ill, considering his age (87 years)

These revelations will come as a blow to Mr Mugabe who will want to remain a strong man in the eyes of his country men, especially those who oppose his regime . 

*Wikileaks is a non profit organisation- notorious for publishing confidential and secret government information not meant for the public eye. The founder has since been charged with sexual assault and is fighting extradition to Sweden


Anonymous said...

He deserves to die, evil man!

mutumbi said...

Delighted with the news, he can die this minute

Anonymous said...

Everyone has a right to live, no one should deserve death