Friday, 30 September 2011

Tv presenter and Local Celebrity Miss Olukunga Olayinka aka Nnena receives highly respected Ambassador Award from LASU

The host of the popular TV show Nnenna and friends, Miss Olukunga Olayinka, has received an ambassador award from the University of Lagos in recognition for her distinguished career as a television personality.

 “We have so many stars and other people of repute in LASU but what stands out about Nnena is her ability to impact the African child in a remarkable manner. What she is doing is not easy. Her award is on merit and she deserves it”. This is what the President of the Lagos State University Students’ Union, Olayiwola Adebayo commented.

Olukunga Olayinka is a Nigerian television presenter who has become a household name in Nigerian since hosting the popular television program Nnenna and friends.  

The beautiful super story actress was delighted when accepting her award;
” I feel great. It feels wonderful. I’m excited because this award is an inspiration for every child to persevere in being the best in whatever they do. Nnena and Friends is here to stay to assist the Nigerian and African child realize their dreams and potentials”. She said in her acceptance speech.

source: Vanguard

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