Friday, 16 September 2011

Two teenage athletes from Cameroon - Gone missing after commonwealth youth games.

Two athletes from Cameroon have gone missing!  The pair came to the UK to compete in the common wealth youth games on the Isle of Man.

Balana Marie Michel and foumena Marie Gaelle aged 16 failed to board a flight home on Wednesday after the games.

Manchester police are concerned about the teenagers who have “absolutely no one to turn to in this country” and have just £10 each in cash.

The Cameroonians who are said to be missing speak only French, have no friends in Britain and appeared to have walked from the airport voluntarily.

Manchester police is calling on you to report back to them if you find the teenagers from Cameroon who left their passport with their coach.

I think I should keep quiet on my take about this story, don’t you think? Lol
I hope they are alright though.

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Anonymous said...

I belive the coach has something to do with this case.