Friday, 21 October 2011

Facebook could cost you a job and a college place. watch what you post!

Please know that employers and now colleges are viewing what you post on Facebook and using it to judge your worthiness as a student and employee.

According to Kaplan Test Prep’s 2011 survey of college admissions officers the number of college admissions officials using Facebook to learn more about an applicant has quadrupled in the past year, underscoring the effect social media has on U.S. culture and academic life.

I wonder if our young people are aware of this? Judging by some of the Facebook profiles I have seen lately I must assume they are not. Perhaps they are not concerned about what others think of them or they simply don’t care. But they should definitely know that what you post on Facebook can hurt you.

According to the report, almost a quarter (24%) of admissions officials at 359 selective colleges say they used Facebook, up from 6% the previous year, and 20% used Google to help evaluate an applicant. Of course they do.

Using Facebook allows admission officials to obtain information about prospective students that they may not be able to gain from an admissions application and using Facebook allows them to obtain the information at a very low cost. It’s free.
The report indicated that of the survey takers who went online, 12% say what they found “negatively impacted” the applicant’s chances of admission. That’s down from 38% in 2008, when 10% said they consulted social networking sites while evaluating students. Among offenses cited: essay plagiarism, vulgarities in blogs and photos showing underage drinking.
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Curled from:The Atlanta Post

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