Thursday, 20 October 2011

Kim Kardashian slammed in Dubia for using "body and sex appeal" to make money"

Can you guess the star under the Burqa

Kim kardashian is in Dubai with mum Kris Jenna doing a promotional tour. While in Dubai Kim has been treated like a queen which has angered many in Dubai who have strong feelings about Kim ‘using her body to make money’ as such do not see Kim as  role model for Middle Eastern girls.
It is  Kim kardashian trying on her new Burqa

One of those who criticised the welcoming of Kim to the country is fashion designer Hind Beljafla who expressed her disapproval through her blog and via twitter over Kim’s treatment in the country Hind said: "I think my blog post has caused a stir because there are many people in the Middle East with strong opinions on Kim; either positive or very negative."

He added "Perhaps I said something which a lot of people have been thinking but had not voiced themselves. I wanted to express my feelings and use the platform which I am lucky to have on my blog and on Twitter to make it clear that I do not think women like Kim, who use their bodies and sex appeal to make money, should be role models for girls in the Middle East."

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