Wednesday, 19 October 2011

McDonald employee beats two girls’ customers with a metal rod

McIntosh now known as former McDonald’s employee - seen in a video beating two customers Denise Darbeau and her friend Rachel Edwards, (both 24) pleaded not guilty to the offence.

He claimed he did it in self defence, in the video played in court, the girls could be seen jumping over the counter after the cashier who questioned the validity of the fifty dollar bill they were using. This forced  31 year old McDonald worker - with a history of violence - to beat the girls mercilessly with a metal rod after the girls abused him verbally.

 "It’s very clear [the two women] were coming after my client, who had in effect retreated to the rear part [of the kitchen] and was not seeking a confrontation,” his lawyer said, adding that his client didn’t know if the women were armed at the time.

The assistant District Attorney Jamie Mendoza partially agreed but felt the cashier’s was  ruthless in his approach “Not only did she curse out the hardworking employees at the McDonald’s working the graveyard shift, but then she did go over the counter into an area which is prohibited to the public. The defendant could have handled the situation in a manner which did not lead him to repeatedly strike Ms. Darbeau and Ms. Edwards,” Mendoza added.
Watch video here: 

What do you think about this case? Here is what a friend of mind said about the case.

 ‘Is it wrong that I am on the guys side? Because some girls think "Oh, I'm a girl, and if I slap a guy in the face, they won't do anything." Then again, I think a metal rod was a bit too harsh. It's sort of that moment where you don't know which side to take. But, I'm sort of leaning towards the guy’s side. I don't know lol.’

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