Monday, 10 October 2011

Tyra Banks new book "Modelland"

Super model Tyra banks has released a book called “Modelland” which is about a 15 year old  girl's dream of becoming a model and how this dream soon turns to reality when she receives an invitation to Modelland "an exclusive, mysterious place on top of a mountain." where she realised modelling can be complicated.complete story by purchasing book at Barnes &Noble
 Here is the hard cover of the book.

hard cover of Tyra Banks book "modelland"
“Modelland” has become a hit with the teen population and it debuted at number 2 on New York Times best sellers. Wow! not bad considering this is Tyra Bank’s first Novel."Where dreams come true and life can change in the blink of a smoky eye." says Tyra Bank about the novel.

However Tyra Banks murdered the whole idea of the novel with this theme song, listen to it here and tell us what you think.

hahahahhahhhhhhhhhhh, what do you make of this theme song. it was tweeted by Tyra Banks

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