Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Jim Iyke stars in new Cameroonian movie – sister- in- law

Jim Iyke
Set in America, ‘sister- in -law’ is a compelling drama about a sister- in- law from hell who is bent on destroying the marriage of her brother – a brother who endured a lot of hardship to bring her over to the USA.
Trina Takoh
The casts features a mix of established and up- and – coming actors and actresses including Jim Iyke,Trina Takor, Taka Tanni, Tembi Eryk, Mat Afugon and many more.

Sister in law is directed and produced by Takoh Abraham and is scheduled to hit our TV screens soon.

I am excited about the work of Kamwood .Is Cameroon movie industry finally waking up?

Check out movie trailer to sister – in -law

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