Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The rise of Nigerian Fake pastors

In the 6os, 70s and 80s Nigeria saw the unprecedented rise of petty traders called “business men”. In the 90s a new creed of “business men” emerged this time- they were the 419ners. From 2000 and beyond, we are witnessing a new class of “business men” this time “men and women of God”.Even though they may not want to be classed as merchants, that is exactly what they are – money grabbers.

In a never before seen footage, a reporter exposes the money grabbing tactics of fake pastors or shall I say false prophets who have tarnished the reputation of religion because of greed. Some of these so called pastors collect money from the poor making them believe they will get more while these pastors drive in luxurious and expensive cars, private jets, live in mansions while these poor people continue to wallow in abject poverty.

Jesus did warn us of these false prophets, we should pray to God to lead us in the hands of true men of God.

Watch video footage of fake pastors’ money making tactics

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