Friday, 4 November 2011

What would you do if you find an insect in your food?

This is Mr cockroach found in food ordered by Banky W from a restaurant. Banky w twitted the picture earlier today. This is what he tweeted.

 Banky Wellington 

I ordered food from 1 of my FAVORITE restaurants in VI. Only 4 it 2arrive, I open the box, & a cockroach is running wild all over the food

BankyW Banky Wellington this was the roach that I found running on the food I ordered. Its dead in the pic tho

BankyW Banky Wellington
Okay I'm going to find an alternative for dinner. @_anuel has taken the cockroach-infested food back to the restaurant for my refund.

Banky W took the food back to the restaurant for a refund, what would you do if it was your food?

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