Monday, 10 December 2012

Uche Jumbo left stranded at Douala Airport by Cameroon Airlines

Cameroon Airlines left Uche Jumbo stranded at the airport for several hours. The Nollywood actress was in Cameroon for the premiere of the movie Blood or Wine. The actress was informed at midnight that the 7pm flight she booked had been cancelled after waiting for several hours at the airport.

Judging from the actress ranting on twitter, CAM AIR failed to make any impressions on the top actress. Here is the Actress flight ticket and the open letter to CAMAIR - CO

Dear cameroon airlines, u don't keep pple till midnight 2 tell them u cancelled a 7pm flight 2 lagos and have the *balls* to say its till wednesday b4*they can fly! This better be a BIG JOKE

That moment when u r stuck at d airport n see a cabin baggage tag and its camair-Co (the star of cameroon) ...

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