Sunday, 20 January 2013

Jim Iyke and Linda Ikeji At Each Other’s Throat Again!

If a celeb does something that's considered a taboo, dumb, or ridiculous they can expect to be criticised.

However some Nigerian celebrities like Jim Iyke have gotten fed up to the point where he has been firing back at his haters- one of them being Linda Ikeji, Nigerian social blogger.

The Actor went at it online when the social media blogger Linda Ikeji posts some pictures of him on her blog and wrote 'Every time I write about this dude he comes after me on Twitter, but I must do my job Nice body!’ followed by her famous commentators(LIB'ERS),whose derogatory comments are sure to annoy even the thickest-skinned celebrity. 

Jim Iyke certainly retorted' It's my handle and my space. I do wit it wtf I pls. If dat hermaphrodite witch LINDA n her lame employees dt like it then hug a transformer!’

I’m sure you can figure out  where this one’s going. That’s right … a Twitter war; as Linda Ikeji and her employees commentators  will definitely throw  a barrage of criticisms and insults at Jim for calling them “hermaphrodite witch” and “Lame employees” respectively. 

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