Friday, 18 January 2013

Cameroonian Artists lie about Nationality And Copy Nigerian Music To Succeed In The Music Industry

Telling fibs about your nationality is so Cameroonian artist -  Denzly has  actually revealed that he ones lied about his Nationality to get ahead in the music world,"If u r Cameroon aspiring musician,plz stop forming naija thinz n plz stop forming with me cus i been there done dat it doesnt pay #Comehome”he laments on twitter.

‘Knowing the fact we come from a gifted land,my soul burns seeing our artists following a trend instead of setting one Be original No copy Naija' cries Rough kumba boy, an upcoming Cameroonian artist known for his hit single ‘Ben skin rap final 


"I can't perform if there's no show right" Dencia responded when asked by a fan why she does not perform in Cameroon. Dencia is an established Cameroonian artist who is doing well in the Nigerian music industry with hit singles ‘Beri Beri’  and ‘Supergirl’ who got busted for fibbing about her nationality.

Luxland a US based Cameroonian artist had this to say when asked why artist feel the need to lie to break through."It hurts to see an artist fall victim to self doubt. So if you find yourself in make sure you pull yourself out. I use negativity to my advantage. If you don't respect my artistry, stay away from my canvas. The industry is tough, and yea, it may be hard to manage, but I will stay focused until I'm in front of the cameras and my sh__ is on rotation throughout the entire planet."

Good Advise Luxland, here is Luxland new music video for Girly Girly ft J.Martins.Enjoy!!

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