Sunday, 17 February 2013

Beyonce's "life is but a dream"- Watch full documentary here!

Beyonce's "life is but a dream “documentary is finally here after weeks of promotion and waiting.
The documentary was premiered on HBO following an interview with Oprah.The film was produced and directed by Beyonce.

It gives us an opportunity to pry into the never before seen Private life (having a miscarriage being one of them) of the super star and some of her energetic performances.

This hour long documentary is sure to make you see Beyonce in another light as it reveals some of the precious moments, as the joy she experienced when she became pregnant for her daughter Blue Ivy.

If you missed the live première of Beyonce’s “life is but a dream “fret not! it’s all here for you to watch. Enjoy

Bonus: You can also watch Beyonce's interview with Oprah, where she opens up to the talk show queen about her daughter Blue Ivy, her relationship with her husband Jay-Z and the stress and difficulties she encountered when she fired her dad as manager. 

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