Friday, 19 August 2011

Most Banned Artists In Cameroon

A Cameroonian Artist Joe de vinci kameni who has been jailed on numerous occasions for singing against the government of Mrs Biya  (well Mrs because her husband is too old and she practically runs the country by herself).

The singer now sells his CDs on the buses of travel agencies such Guarantee Express, Amour Mezam, Tonton Voyage etc.

TV’s and Radio stations have stopped playing his songs for fear of reprisals from the Government. Mr kameni sings about the influence of France & Sarkozy on Cameroon. Coincidentally he is also a staunch supporter  of Laurent Gbagbo who is now under house arrest.

Having listened to his music, he came across as somebody who is yet to meet his mark. I would rate him F (F being a fail…) so I don’t see why the Cameroon authorities bother because he is not likely to command a huge following any time soon.

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