Monday, 12 September 2011

Angelina Jolie got herself arrested by a louis vuitton clutch bag

Angelina jolie was spotted recently supporting her husband in the premiere of “Money ball”in Toronto on friday. The fashion icon had a beautiful gold louis vuitton clutch bag handcuffed to her hand . The mother of six seemed to have been arrested by her own clutch bag . The bag was matched with a stunning black maxi dress.
 If you are interested in buying one of these for yourself they are called lock it PM demolition clutches and they have a price tag of $15000.  The price of this gold bag explains the reason why Mrs Brad Pitt had herself handcuffed , She would rather you take her with the purse instead of just the purse. Thieves watch out! someone has got their eyes of on you! The purse with handcuffs makes sense especially when you are out, you are sure your purse will always stay with you.

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