Monday, 12 September 2011

British Rapper Tinie Tempah pays $37500 for a pair of sneakers/trainers

Rapper Tinie Tempah pays $37500 for a pair of trainers. 

Hang on a minute, $37,500 for a pair of trainers.....Nahhhhhhh! 
But then again, this is Tinie Tempah we are talking about; he is not like me and you. To him $37,500 is chicken change.

The limited edition of “back to the future 11” inspired Nike trainers - Nike Mags aka “Marty Mcfly” - were auctioned off at an event in Los Angeles. 

However it is claimed the money is going for a good course - Parkinson’s research. We hope the “written in the stars” singer bought the shoes for this reason (charitable course).

If you’ve got some cash to burn, head over to eBay and grab yourself a pair. 1,500 pairs of the “Marty Mcfly” are being auctioned on eBay until September 18. 

Remember you are doing it for a good course which makes it sounds less crazy buying trainers for that amount of money. You will be blessed abundantly.

Here is a video of the limited edition Nike Mag aka"Marty Mcfly"

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