Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Colonel Gadaffi shows his human side to his grand children in video!

A family video obtained by Reuters on Wednesday appears to show that, although Gadaffi was a ruthless leader and ruled Libya with an iron fist, he was an adorable grand father to his grand children.

The video shows Gadaffi at play with his Grand children. Channel four has posted a portion of the video online with a translation of the video between Gadaffi and one of his grand children.

Here is the video and a translation of the dialogue between Gadaffi and his grand daughters

Colonel Qaddafi: Do you not love me? Do you not love me?

Granddaughter: No!

Colonel Qaddafi: Why? Then, do you hate me? Am I not good? Am I not sweet?

Granddaughter: No!

Colonel Qaddafi: Who is the sweet one then? Who is the sweet one then? Tell me, who is the sweet one?

Granddaughter points at camera [possibly indicating her father].

Granddaughter: Ssshhhh, silent, keep quiet!

Colonel Qaddafi: I will not keep quiet. … Yes, this is good. Speak properly. They are listening to what we say, speak properly!

Granddaughter (feeling his forehead): Fever.

Colonel Qaddafi: Do I have a fever?

After the girl nods yes, the colonel pretends to cry.
In another edit of the video, posted online by The Telegraph, the girl can be seen in the arms of Saadi Qaddafi, waving to the camera and saying in English: “Bye!”

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